Tour tips part 1 of 2

We want to start off by giving you tips when you go on tours. But because there are so much to cover, we are breaking this down into 2 parts. This is part 1 which is mainly about the things you do to prepare you flying.

Over the years, BA serves millions of passengers worldwide. With unsurpassed global capabilities and a firm commitment to safety and security, you do know for sure that we have carefully and punctiliously planned every element of the journey to help you to lessen the stresses of travel.

For us, and for you, preparation is a serious element in ensuring a successful journey. As part of our mission to always help, we would like to offer some suggestions on exactly how you can ‘travel smart’ on your next trip. Hope you will find these tips useful.

Before you fly

– Always plan ahead. This is rule #1. Pre-arrange transfers, hotel accommodation, and other matters of your journey with your travel agent.

– Know your options. Many travelers find it’s important to pay as much attention to options for returning home as options for getting there. Get used to non-stop flights, plus connections on British Airways and our partners. In this case, should you ever change your plans for any reason within your journey, you’ll already be somewhat familiar with all the alternatives. Prevention is always better than cure.

– Make copies of your airline tickets, credit cards, itinerary, traveler’s money and passport. Carry one photocopy with you and leave one scanned copy and your overseas contact details with a person you designate should there ever be an emergency.

– Bring along with you the address and phone number of your country’s embassy, high Commission or consulate for each country you plan to visit. This will give you a point of contact at all times.

– Have a local British Airways mobile number with you at all times.

– Pack any regular medication inside your hand luggage. Make certain you have an adequate supply for the duration of a trip (please always note: needles cannot be carried in hand luggage unless medical documentation can be provided).

– Make sure you check that your home is secured before going on holiday. If possibly, give a family member or friend to stay over. Almost half of all burglaries happen each and every time a flat or house is empty so read the tips here and plan in advance.

Governmental relating matters about travel

You also need to be knowledgeable relating to your destination.

– Country advice – official foreign office travel advice, country specific travelers’ tips, and web information on travel advice of overseas governments. These should all be documented in a notebook that you have with you all the time.

– Before you go – information on what you need to do before you depart as a part of the on-going mindset.

– As are there – security and general tips on laws and customs abroad. Remember that each country is different in relation to all these matters.

– If things do not turn out to be a success – what you actually should do if something goes wrong during your trip.